2 Ways To Kick SUPER FAST

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Since time immemorial, or at least since kicking was invented and Taekwondo became a thing, people have been asking: How do you kick faster? I've decided to comprehensively list down all the answers.
Remember to stretch extensively before any of this! You DO NOT want to rip a hamstring.

#1 - Home Drills

One of the easiest ways to get faster is to train smart. Not necessarily hard, but smart. Also hard training. Training hard helps. But mostly training smart.
Let's sort it out. When you wake up in the morning, do proper stretches and get yourself limber and ready. Start with warm-ups. Do twenty or so jumping jacks. After that, do ten push-ups.
Now comes the speed increasing parts. Most kicks start from lifting the knee up. Raise one knee up and leave it in the air. Then bring it down while simultaneously bringing the other one up. That one you just brought up? Bring it down again while bringing your other leg up.
Remember, you're trying to increase your speed, so you have to go as fast as you possibly can. This exercise is useless unless you give your all. Taekwondo is about speed, so it's essential you move as fast as you can. Every time you bring either of your knees up, count it for one. Do this a hundred times.
Now take a minute to breathe. In, out. In, out.
Now swing one of your legs up like you would a stretch kick, but snap your leg like a forty-five kick. Now bring that leg down while bringing your other leg up at the same time. Repeat this a hundred times.
Now take three to five minutes to rest.
Repeat the set three times. Every two weeks, ramp it up and add one more set.
Now you have to remember, you have to consistently try to give your best. You need to kick just a bit faster each time. None of these exercises work unless you work hard. Also keep in mind that home drills are great, but maximizing your training at the gym is a good option as well.

#2 - Mental Imagery

If you're pressed for time, a quicker way to improve kick speed is to mentally imagine yourself kicking faster. Take note that it will hurt due to your body not being accustomed to kicking that fast.
Start by practicing meditation at home. A clear, focused mind is the key to this trick. Breath in for five seconds, hold it for eight, then let it out over the course of six seconds.
After doing this and letting your mind calm down, begin focusing on speed. Imagine yourself kicking at the envisioned speed. Imagine the sensation of the air flowing between your legs. When it comes to mental imagery, more detail means more effectiveness.
When you get up, do some warmups. Do some jumping jacks, still keeping your mind on your focus.
When you kick, remind yourself of that mental imagery. Now kick. Adjust yourself to be a bit faster if you fall short and continue to remind yourself of your imagery.
Those are my tips. Thanks for reading!