5 Steps to Prepare to Win ANY Taekwondo Fight

A picture of someone doing Tai-Chi. Because images cost money.
When fighting in Taekwondo, one of the worst enemies you can face is yourself. When fighting, I am very rarely defeated due to the opponent being stronger than me. Lack of focus and nervousness is what really wins.
It doesn't have to be that way. It is possible to mitigate and even outright ignore these issues with proper instruction and practice.
Here are five steps for winning the Taekwondo fight inside your mind.
#1 - Calm Down
Before you can do anything, you need to have your head cleared of all distractions. Trying to pour more water into an overflowing cup only results in a nasty mess. Start by pushing your mind away from everything. Breath in for five seconds, hold it for eight more. Finally, exhale for five seconds.
Focus only on the sound of your breath. Repeat this several times until you feel all of your stress and worry fade away, your mind totally free.
#2 - Focus On Your Goal
Now you need to get your head straight and focused on your goal. As you breathe deeply, repeat to yourself that you will win this. As you do this, envision your victory. Imagine the scoreboard displaying a 10-1 in your favor. Imagine you delivering the winning headshot multiple times. Keep your mind totally fixated on the winning kick. Imagine walking up the steps, gold medal in hand.
#3 - Envision Your Strategy
You know you're going to win this, but how? Work backward. You delivered that head kick perfectly, but how did you do so? Did you lead with your front foot? No? that leaves you open? Then did you use some sort of combo? If he does a sidekick, what are you going to do? Do you have any |link to shocking strategies| quick fire strategies?
Think out as many possibilities as you possibly can. Imagine your strategy for taking down the strongest, fastest guy you can. Then imagine someone who's only fast. Then imagine someone who's only strong. Every single Taekwondo combo that you could use and that you're opponent could use should be mentally marked down.
Prepare all this ahead of time. It'll be a lot less painful then if you go into the ring totally unprepared. It also helps with confidence, knowing that you have an actual plan.
#4 - Break Down Your Plan
Now that your head is swimming with ideas, you need to clearly break it down into goals and objectives. Goal, break through defense. How can you accomplish that? Surprise the fella. Objective, surprise dude. How can you surprise?
Start structuring your plan. Break it down.
#5 - Warm Up
Once your name is called up leap up into the air. Get your body ready. Do this thing. Remind yourself about your strategy. It helps to use mnemonics and remind yourself about your strategy, but don't let it slow you down. Take deep breaths and remind yourself about your goal. Plans or not, remember your goal.