6 Ways to SUPERCHARGE Your Taekwondo Training

One of the most popular ways to get better in Taekwondo is to do home training. While this does have some benefits, if you don't have the time, you can make the MOST out of your regular classes using these 10 simple tricks!


I cannot emphasize this enough! One of the fastest ways to get way stronger way quicker is to apply yourself! Do not half-arse your training. When told to do fifty push-ups, do fifty push-ups. Not twenty butt movements. As soon as you feel your speed slip, push yourself to go just a little bit faster. Oftentimes, this can make the difference between success and failure in virtually any Taekwondo discipline! I am not as fast as everyone else, but I made up for it by constantly applying my best to every aspect of my training. I can keep on kicking for a pretty dang long time, even if it's not as fast as my opponents. If you take ONE thing away from this article, take this!

#2 - Act Better Than The Best

This ties into the first tip. When you see a black belt kicking extremely fast, try as hard as you can to be just a bit faster. It really helps to have a point of reference. Study Taekwondo fights and attempt to understand how the best do what they do. Not even in video, even just in your gym. Watch the best in your gym spar and try to get what they do.

#3 - Learn From Your Fights

This one mostly applies to Kyrougi/sparring players. Not a whole lot beats actual fighting experience, so it's essential you make every fight into a learning experience. Remind yourself to try out a new combo or technique with every fight you get into. When stepping into the ring, It can help to use mnemonics if you're a beginner. Say to yourself: Remember to try out lead foot. Remember to, and so on. If you get beat up, ask yourself why that is. On your next fight, you'll be better equipped for defeating that person. Think through what you tried and why that didn't work. Think of potential counters for that technique.

#4 - Act Like a Winner

This ties into some very basic psychology. If you act the mask, you will eventually become it. This is a well-documented phenomenon. In every aspect of your behavior, act like a winner. When you walk, walk without a hint of tiredness. When told to do twenty push-ups, do just five more. Winners go beyond. Remind yourself consistently that you ARE a winner. You have to really believe it. Repeat it to yourself every morning and every night several times.

#5 - Work Before Class

If you listen to your coach, you probably arrive early. That's great! But what would be better is if you make the most of your extra Taekwondo time. Take these fifteen minutes to do in-depth stretching. Work through your drills to get your body in the right mood and to familiarise yourself in the event of sparring. Don't forget to do a light amount of meditation to focus your mind!

#6 - Take Embarrassment Lightly

We've all had that awkward moment where you get your butt handed to you on an off day, or you slip and fall in the middle of a standard drill. It might be tempting to get mad, but don't! Anger, resentment, and all those other negative emotions are not things you want floating around in your head. Take a second to realize that the embarrassing moment doesn't actually mean anything. It's nothing more than a learning experience. It's nothing more than a step towards VICTORY!