3 SHOCKING Quick Fire Strategies To Surprise Your Taekwondo Opponent

While careful preparation is useful, if thrown into the middle of a fight and you can't waste time thinking, it's enormously beneficial to have some strategies that you can easily employ that can instantly change the course of the fight.
Or maybe, you simply can't be bothered to strategize like that due to the many thoughts flying around in your head or you're an instinct based fighter. Again, that's fine. But even then, it's immensely beneficial to have some kind of quick-fire, easy to employ strategy.
Here are my personal strategies I have ready all the time.

#1 - Attack/Defence Switch

Most of us tend to fall into a defense/counter move set or we go on the attack. The problem is we fall into those roles for the entirety of the match, which is incredibly dangerous and predictable. Note that oftentimes you'll see players falling on the defense or offense side TOGETHER during a match.
One of the fastest ways to throw anybody off is to switch between the two ends of the spectrum randomly and suddenly.
Imagine fighting a positional game for about thirty seconds when all of a sudden, the opponents start doing a bunch of continuous turning kicks. I bet it would throw you off! Right? That's the idea behind this strategy. Shock value is worth a metric ton in Taekwondo. One of the fastest ways to throw your opponent off is to subvert expectations or simply surprise the guy.
And remember, you have to put yourself into the MINDSET of whatever you're switching. It's no good to pretend to be an aggressor and have no idea what you're doing. You have to really focus on getting that kick to land no matter the cost!

#2 - Range Switching

One of the first things I picked up on was that kicks have different distances. And different players prefer different distances. Over time, they tend to get better and better in certain ranges while leaving other ones behind.
While there are a bunch of other ranges and subjective distances that we could talk about, those aren't important right now. The two you need to know about is long range and short range. What are those?
Well, stretch out your longest sidekick. That pretty much covers your long range. When you get in close to infight, that's short range.
Now, how can you take advantage of this? First, you need to do a little technique I call probing. Stay at long range for a while and let them make a couple kicks. After that, get in close, ready to get out in the event of trouble. Now, if they're significantly better then another, that's how you take advantage. If they're bad at infighting, get in as close as you can as much as you can. If they're bad at long range, stay away as much as possible.

#3 - Sidestep

This isn't so much a strategy as it is a technique, but it is so underrated it needs to be talked about. Listen. Especially when fighting against continuous kickers, the sidestep is far more preferable then slide back. If only due to shock value. Almost all combos in Taekwondo are designed for the opponent stepping back. While it might be a viable option to infight, you still risk a knock to the noggin. Do not forget the power of the sidestep.